Steel Hinges

Steel paint grade Hinges are priced and sold as pairs.

All hinges have Template screw hole locations for use with either wood or hollow metal doors and frames.

All pins are machined from high grade 304 Stainless Steel material.

All finials are threaded onto the hinge pins.

All hinges are furnished standard with button finials and steel Phillips head, type “A” tapping screws.

All hinges are finished in the beige prime coat.

Since these hinges are for temporary use and are standard template hinges, they are interchangeable with Ball bearing hinges of the same size. Steel Hinge Finials


Hinge Body: Hinge body is manufactured from cold rolled steel. It is swaged to match the swage of our line of solid full mortise hinges. This allows the steel hinges to be removed and replaced with brass hinges after the completion of painting with no shimming or adjustment. Finish: All hinges are finished in a durable beige prime coat. This coat will make the hinge more durable as well as lessen the need for replacement in the near future.

Pins: Pins are machined from 304 Stainless Steel for high durability and resistance to rust. Both ends are threaded to accept the standard button finials or optional ball finials.

Finials: Finials are threaded onto both ends of the pin and fit all steel mortise hinge sizes. Ball finials can be purchased separately in sets of four. Finials are individually packed, two per bag to facilitate sales of half pairs of hinges.

Fasteners: All hinges are provided with type “A” tapping screws. These are steel, flat head, countersunk, undercut Phillips head screws. All screws are primed to prevent rust. Screws are bagged either six per bag or eight per bag to facilitate sales of half pairs.

Number of Hinges: For doors up to 89 inches, use three hinges. For each additional 30 inches or fraction thereof, use one additional hinge.

Packing: One pair of hinges per box with button finials and screws. Each hinge is poly bagged to prevent scratching. Hinges are packed 20 pairs per master carton.